I am implementing a multi tenant web app using postgres. I want to use Row Level Security (RLS ) for data separation. RLS is available from PG version 9.5. However, at the same time, the HA / DR teams plan to use BDR ( Bi directional replication) for the HA solution. It seems that BDR is not yet supported in 9.5.

  • What can be done in such a scenario ?
  • Is it possible to get BDR on 9.5 ?
  • What other replication strategies provide the same benefits as BDR?

Yes, schemas is also an approach, but I am already using that for tables which have less data. I want RLS for tables that will eventually get enormous, so replicating them in different schemas wont be ideal.

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One way to achieve BDR (in the PostgreSQL) use is pgPool, which has multi-master replication with failover. For a complete tutorial, please use the official product site or wiki even at the addresses below:

  • pgpool



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