Do I need to install MS Office Excel on machine where is SQL Anywhere 12 server for below code to work?

Or SA 12 or Windows have MS Excel Driver builtin?

SELECT * FROM SalesOrders;
OUTPUT USING 'Driver=Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls);
READONLY=0' INTO "newSalesData";

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The OUTPUT USING format of the statement is using a ODBC driver to create/send the data to.

This means you must have a ODBC driver on the server which can create XLS files.

There is a MS Office 2007 ODBC download available from microsoft which provides such a driver.

I don't know if there exist 64-Bit drivers (I think it must match with your dbserver 32/64bit) nor if Office 2010/2013/2016 ODBC drivers exist.

Docu output-statement

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