I just created a full text catalog on my database. I now have a developer who needs the ability to create full text indexes on the tables in this database.

The suggestion given in a previous question was to grant db owner to the user. I'd really like to avoid giving such a high level of access.

Is there any way to do this without granting dbo? I wasn't able to find anything regarding the permissions aspect on BOL.


From BOL :

User must have REFERENCES permission on the full-text catalog and have ALTER permission on the table or indexed view, or be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role, or db_owner, or db_ddladmin fixed database roles.

If SET STOPLIST is specified, the user must have REFERENCES permission on the specified stoplist. The owner of the STOPLIST can grant this permission.

The public is granted REFERENCE permission to the default stoplist that is shipped with SQL Server.

Suggest you create a role and add the dev to the role. Just grant permissions to the role.

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Someone can create indexes if they have been granted db_ddladmin or if their user is the owner for that table, database, or has been granted db_owner.

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