Recently we have migrated our application (both web app and database) to Azure (IASS). There we have a VM with SQL Server 2014 installed. Also I have restored all the necessary databases and SQL Server jobs on the server (from the existing On-Premise DB server). All the settings are verified and the application was working fine for a week.

Then we noticed a problem with the log file size (size is increasing and reached around 42 GB and not able to execute any of the basic query and everything breaks :( ). The same DB and Job ran in on-premise server for a year and this issue didn't happen.

Some information about the application and DB

  • The application contains a couple of SQL scheduling jobs which run each 2 hours of a day and the job take maximum of 5-8 minutes to complete.
  • Application contains less than 200 users and concurrent users are around 20-30.

So please let me know any one of your comments/input on this (Transaction log file size increment) issue. Also please let me know if you need any other information


Do you ever do a full database backup? That will zap the log, which is what you're looking for. See T-SQL BACKUP command for syntax. Not sure what backups look like on Azure, but that should help.