I am trying to get the outer and prefix for uk postcodes i.e. NW3 6BX. A space divides the outer part of the post code for which extracting it can be easily achieved by doing:

SUBSTRING_INDEX(delivery_postcode, ' ', 1) AS outer_postcode

I would like to get also the prefix which is the the first one or two letters before the numbers. In this case NW. I would like to use the previous expression replacing the ' ' with any number. How to do this ?


  • Do you know that the first part (the outward code) has 6 different formats?: A9, A99, A9A, AA9, AA99, AA9A Mar 17 '16 at 10:05
  • yes I need the first 1 or 2 letters for the prefix. The outer postcode is the one left from the space as explained in the question
    – Blue Moon
    Mar 17 '16 at 10:07

As there are only two possible results (one or two characters before the digit) you can do a brute force approach using MySQL's limited regex support:

case when delivery_postcode rlike '^.[0-9]'         -- a digit as 2nd character?
     then substring(delivery_postcode from 1 for 1) -- first char
     else substring(delivery_postcode from 1 for 2) -- first two chars

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