How to store the result of all of the queries below into one CSV file in PostgreSQL by executing one COPY (......) to.... statement.

select id,name from first;
select id,salary,father_name from second;
select id,score,bonus,extra from third;

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far as i know not possible if you want append one table after another to same file. But you can get them to same file using union


select f.id as fid , null sid   from first f union select null fid , s.id sid from second s

that would create file where all data from first table are 1;null 2;null .... and second table null;1 null;2

or you can use psql command line tool in linux and call :

psql mydb -c "select id,name from first; " >> myOutFile.txt
psql mydb -c "select id,salary,father_name from second; " >> myOutFile.txt
psql mydb -c "select id,score,bonus,extra from third; " >> myOutFile.txt

In *nix, the > (greater than) character operator redirects output to a file, overwriting the file.

When doubled, the >> operator redirects output to a file appending the redirected output at the end.


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