Some of my newer tables are now using UUID type fields as PKey and older tables are still using bigserial. I have several tables (let's call them entities) I would like to query returning the primary key in the result (using a UNION). What is the most efficient way to return the entity_id's? I am assuming a simple CAST would do the trick, but this is to handle a sitewide search which requires it to be as quick as possible.

    select entityA.a_id::TEXT as entity_id from entityA
    select entityB.b_uuid::TEXT as entity_id from entityB
    select entityC.c_id::TEXT as entity_id from entityC
    select entityD.d_id::TEXT as entity_id from entityD
    select EntityE.e_id::Text as entity_id from EntityE

Any recommendations?

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    Casting to text should not add too much overhead - you can easily try it by comparing the execution times on the same subset (one with UUIDs, one with bigints) with and without casting. – dezso Mar 29 '16 at 16:35

Casting to text should not add much overhead, however you may want to consider using UNION ALL instead of UNION if you're looking for performance (UNION attempts to filtering duplicates).

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