I am trying to update a SSIS package that contains script component. The script component just gets the error description as described here.

I am using the update wizard in SSDT 2015 which should be compatible with SQL Server 2014. (ssdt)

After the Package update wizard runs, I get a warning and information for every data flow that has a script component.

Warning 0x40016044: Load table TableName: Found SQL Server Integration Services 2012 Script Component TableName Error Desc that requires migration!

Information 0x4001601a: Load table TableName: The TableName Error Desc has been migrated. The package must be saved to retain migration changes

This looks to me like the script component has been migrated successfully. I then build and deploy the package to my SSIS instance.

When I try to execute the package on the instance, via SQL agent or Integration Services Catalog, the package fails verification with the following errors.

Load table PersonDisability:Error: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ComponentVersionMismatchException: The version of tablename Error Desc is not compatible with this version of the DataFlow. [[The version or pipeline version or both for the specified component is higher than the current version. This package was probably created on a new version of DTS or the component than is installed on the current PC.]] at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ManagedComponentHost.HostCheckAndPerformUpgrade(IDTSManagedComponentWrapper100 wrapper, Int32 lPipelineVersion)

Load table TableName:Error: The component metadata for "TableName Error Desc" could not be upgraded to the newer version of the component. The PerformUpgrade method failed.

Based on these, if the messages are accurate, I have a version mismatch. My instance is 2014 SP1 CU3 (12.0.4427.24) and my SSDT that I did the package update with is 2015(14.0.51128.0)

Are these versions incompatible?

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VS 2010/VS 2012 => SQL Server 2012.

VS 2013 => SQL Server 2014.

VS 2015 => SQL Server 2016 (for now, soon they'll have the ability to target SQL Server 2012+)

So, you either need to redo your imports using SSDT for VS 2013/SQL Server 2014 or wait until they deliver the next release candidate for SQL Server which will have the ability to target specific releases of SSIS

  • The SSDT site states vs2015 supports 2014 (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt204009.aspx). I'll give it a try.
    – Bob Klimes
    Commented Mar 31, 2016 at 15:33
  • turns out VS2015 is only supported on SQL Server 2014 for the database tools. the BI tools are only preview and support 2016 only.
    – Bob Klimes
    Commented Mar 31, 2016 at 16:26
  • Once the final bits are minted, then VS 2015 will be able to author back versions of SSIS, until then welcome to my world
    – billinkc
    Commented Mar 31, 2016 at 16:46
  • Thx Bill, that was it.
    – Bob Klimes
    Commented Mar 31, 2016 at 17:26

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