I am using Teradata 15. In Active Directory, We have a policy to assign a universal group, which has people, to a local group, where permissions are assigned. So I create two Teradata roles to mimic this structure.

I granted one role to another role:

grant role_1 to role_2; 

but I got the following error.

*** Failure 5619 Role nesting exceeded single-level.

I am wondering if I need to create special type of roles to identify a parent and a child relationship first?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Teradata only allows one level of role nesting, there's no workaround.

Either role_2 or is already granted to another role or role_1 has been granted another role.

role_a -- top level
role_b -- GRANT role_b TO role_a; this is ok, 1st nested level
role_c -- GRANT role_c T1O role_b; this will fail, 2nd nested level

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