I am new to PostgreSQL and I am trying to backup a database with the pg_dump utility.

I am using this command:

/opt/PostgresPlus/9.4AS/bin/pg_dump -U (username) -f /opt/PostgresPlus/9.4AS//pgbackup/db_name.sql dbname -p 5432

and I am encountering this error:

pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query failed: ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter "qreplace_function"

Can anyone please help me understand what I am doing wrong?

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You have not used PostgreSQL. You are using PostgresPlus created by EnterpriseDB.

The parameter qreplace_funtion is mentioned in EnterpriseDB's document (page 21). I guess this is a typical privilege problem.

OR, if you use PostgreSQL but run PostgrePlus's pg_dump, try original PostgreSQL's pg_dump.

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