I have a table named Main that contains two fields id,name.

I want to select the name column by two different names. For example:

Table Main

id:int, name:varchar(20)

I have inserted the following records:

id  | name 
  1 | Ahmad 
  2 | Sami 

I want to select the data like this:

select Main.name as n1,Main.name as n2 from Main
where n1='Ahmad' and n2='Sami'

When I execute this query, it gives the following error:

ERROR: column "n1" does not exist
LINE 1: select Main.name n1,Main.name n2 from Main where n1='Ahmad' ...`

I use PostgreSQL as my DBMS.

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 select n1.name as "n1", n2.name as "n2"
 from main n1, main n2
 where n1.name = 'Ahmad'
     and n2.name = 'Sami';

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