I'm getting following error via Microsoft IIS 8' Error Log:

Query execution was interrupted, max_statement_time exceeded

MySQL is 5.7.11-log running on Windows 2012 and per MySQL :: MySQL Server Version Reference :: 1.5 Option/Variable Changes for mysqld 5.7 max_statement_time was introduced in 5.7.4 and removed in 5.7.8, but error still there...

This feature with some changes was ported from Twitter MySQL patches Statement Timeout · twitter/mysql Wiki.

WITHOUT switching to MySQL fork maintained and used at Twitter, what are my other options?

Please advise.


MySQL Bugs: #81071: Query execution was interrupted, max_statement_time exceeded


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I was experiencing the same issue. Possible to set the global max_execution_time, but not the session max_execution_time:

SET global max_execution_time = 60000;  
SELECT @@global.max_execution_time -- 60000

SET session max_execution_time=300000;
SELECT @@session.max_execution_time -- 15000

I used a hint as workaround:

select /*+ MAX_EXECUTION_TIME(300000) */ * from table
where ...

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/415905/how-to-set-a-maximum-execution-time-for-a-mysql-query


I was having the same problem after upgrading my ODBC Connector from 5.2.7 to 5.3.7, but using MS Access.

I manually added the options

max_execution_time = 0

In my my.ini on server (5.7.10 version) in [mysqld] section. I restarted the server and it worked with the ODBC Connector 5.3.7


Today I executed a query that is longer than 60 seconds and the bug is back. Yesterday my queries were running in less 60 seconds (Before adding max_execution_time = 0 to my.ini, neither were they running).

I executed this command in my PC (ODBC 5.3.07):

show variables like '%max_execution_time%; 


max_execution_time  60000

obs: 60000 = (60 seconds)

I execute a to configure with 5 minutes

SET global max_execution_time = 300000;   
show variables like '%max_execution_time%; 


max_execution_time  60000;

In other machine with ODBC (5.2.7) I execute:

show variables like '%max_execution_time%; 


max_execution_time  300000;

In another test:

SET global max_execution_time = 0;

In my Machine (ODBC 5.3.07);


max_execution_time  60000

In the other Machine (ODBC 5.2.7)


max_execution_time  0;

I think this 5.3 driver is frozen with max_execution_time setting to 60000 (60 seconds)

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