I am using C# code to read all the SQL Agent Jobs:

static readonly string SqlAgentJobName = "SqlAgentJob_123";
static ServerConnection conn;
static Server server;
static Job job;

    conn = new ServerConnection(SqlServer); 
    server = new Server(conn); 
    job = server.JobServer.Jobs[SqlAgentJobName]; //Get the specified job
    GenerateScript(job); // I need idea to write this method.
catch (Exception ex)
    Console.WriteLine("Failed to fetch the job :" + ex.Message);
    throw ex;

How can I generate a script out of it, so that I can run it on any server? When I run the program, it should read all jobs from the server and generate a script.

Is there any built-in method? Will SQL Server Development Tools help?


You can use the Script method of the Scripter object in SMO to achieve that.

An example can be found here.

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