I have an application in C language which inserts the report data in MyISAM table by using mysql_stmt_execute() function.
Due to load on the table, it gets crashed.

For auto repair of crashed table, I have added following option in /etc/my.cnf file


When the table gets into a crashed state, then mysql_stmt_execute() function fails and I can't insert the reports. As I have specified recovery options, expected result should be, table gets repaired and application should work fine.


  • How to repair the table automatically when it gets crashed ?
  • Why myisam-recover-option can't recover the table when query is executed ?

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myisam_recover_options is not a dynamic variable. It is among the startup options for MyISAM.

If you have set this option in my.cnf, mysqld must be restarted

Please restart mysqld with

# service mysql restart

or if you have Windows

C:\> net stop mysql
C:\> net start mysql

You should try switching your table to InnoDB and make your table crash-safe.

  • Thanks Ronaldo for your answer. After adding option in my.cnf I have restarted mysqld service, but mysql_stmt_execute() still fails. I manually repair the table with myisamchk utility. Please suggest me the way which will automatically repair the table when it goes in crashed state. Apr 18, 2016 at 4:22
  • Is there any specific reason to stick with MyISAM instead of Innodb?
    – kasi
    Mar 1, 2019 at 14:26

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