I have a production environment of Oracle 11g R2 patchset 4 primary database configured with 2 standby machines.

  • Primary database unique_name is DBIDI
  • 1st standby database unique_name is DBIFI
  • 2nd standby database unique_name is DBIGI.

These unique_names are configured in parameter


This parameter is configured through Enterprise Manager with My USER with dba grant. Last night we bounced the primary database. After bounce back, the parameter log_archive_config is changed and DBIGI is removed from this parameter:


Can any one tell what is the reason for this?


The initialization parameters are not supposed to change while bouncing the database except in one case, that is if the modification was only for currently running instance(SCOPE=MEMORY).

The following are the steps to modify initialization parameters using Enterprise Manager. enter image description here

To modify initialization parameters for the currently running instance, and also record the modifications in the server parameter file that will persist when the database is restarted, complete the following steps:

  • On the Current subpage, in the Value column, enter new values for the initialization parameters.
  • Select Apply changes in current running instance(s) mode to SPFile.
  • (Optional) In the Comments column, enter text explaining the reasons for the changes.
  • Click Apply. A confirmation message appears.

  • Viewing and Modifying Initialization Parameters

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