In Oracle-12c I have some columns that I am converting from timestamp with time zone to timestamp with local time zone. Some of those same columns also currently have a default value of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. Should I change the default values to use the LOCALTIMESTAMP function instead? The columns seem to populate fine if I just leave the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default values. Is there any practical reasons or gotchas for using one over the other in this case. I have been combing the docs but can't find anything.


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You write "I don't need the time zone information", however datatype TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE has time zone information stored.

For a TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE column I don't see any difference between CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and LOCALTIMESTAMP either of them should work in the same way.

CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns current data and time as of datatype TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, whereas LOCALTIMESTAMP returns a LOCALTIMESTAMP value. Both of them have to be implicitly converted to a TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE datatype.

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