In a working SQL-Server failover cluster environment I can open a SQL-Server connection using the configured service's IP address independantly of the current node it is on. I wonder if the assigned virtual network name should allow to be used as well to connect? Actually it's not possible to use it.

So instead of\instance1 should I be able to connect using sqlnetwork01\instance1 as well? Do I face a configuration mistake if I can't or do I have a misunderstanding of the concepts?

Edit: sqlnetwork01\instance1 is accessible from the same domain, my mistake was to try from a different one where it does not answer.


Given CLUSTER_1, with NODE_1 and NODE_2, and virtual network VNN_1 with IP_1, these will work:


These will not work:


If you are unable to connect using VNN_1\INSTANCE then, can you ping it, and what does it resolve to? Is it configured for a single IP (i.e. not multi-subnet)?

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