I'm learning SQL Server 2016, I learned how to extract JSON from tables.

Now I need to store JSON in a column. My JSON was:

{"endereco":"R. Nome da Rua, 000", "cep":"00000-000"}

I`m using nvarchar as the column type, but when I store it using:

UPDATE test2 SET endereco = '{"endereco":"R. Nome da Rua, 000", "cep":"00000-000"}'

When I do a select, it shows like this:

{\"endereço\":\"R. Nome da Rua, 000\", cep:\"00000-000\"}

But I was expecting this:

{"endereco":"R. Nome da Rua, 000", "cep":"00000-000"}

What was I supposed to do?

My test table creation script:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[teste2]
  [id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
  [descricao] [varchar](200)  NULL,
  [endereco] [nvarchar](MAX)  NULL

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This is how I solved my problem:

    descricao [nome],
    JSON_QUERY(endereco) [endereco]
FROM teste2
WHERE id=2
FOR JSON PATH, ROOT('clientes')

The "magic" was performed by JSON_QUERY (expression, path ) as documented here:


See also:

Frequently Asked Questions about JSON in SQL Server

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