I want to group table entries for each userId only if they are consecutive entries in the table. I have a table like this.

id userId      transactionTime

1  1           2016-04-13 22:15:44
2  1           2016-04-13 22:40:22
3  1           2016-04-13 22:41:34
4  2           2016-04-13 22:41:34
5  2           2016-04-13 22:42:25
6  1           2016-04-13 23:43:55   

Expected Result:

userId    count
1         3
2         2
1         1    

Thanks :)

Update: The transactionTime is ordered in asc. Considering this, we can check the consecutive occurence of same userId and make it a single entry with number of counts.

Consider this, userId=1 occurs three consecutive times from id=1,2,3 this will be first result with userId=1 and count=3. Similarly at id=4 and 5 userId is 2 which will be second row in the result with userId=1 and count=2.

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You can use variables for this kind of thing:

select userId, count(*)
from (
    select @g:=case when userId=@lastuserId then @g else @g+1 end AS grp,
           @lastuserId:=userId AS userId
    from test1, (select@lastuserId:=0, @g:=0) vars
    order by transactionTime
) groups
group by grp, userId
order by grp
  • Thanks... Which is a better option? Whether to manipulate data in java after fetching initial table or just run the complex query you've provided.?
    – Mansoor
    Apr 23, 2016 at 10:24
  • Currently, it's taking 92-130 seconds to run the query.
    – Mansoor
    Apr 23, 2016 at 10:27

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