I have a MySQL db on Machine A and I want to access the mysqldump from machine B.

Both machines are running on Linux and I also have the credentials of both, but I can't access the mysqldump. What can I try?


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In General if you have the credentials for accessing MySql from Machine B.

You should have MySQL user name , host name and Password.Then You can write the Command for taking backup

On Machine B Write

mysqldump -h Your_host_name -u user_name -p password --all-databases > backup.sql

If You Face issues there may be some network issue try some things as

  1. Use ping with ip address to check that DNS isn't broken. eg. ping Machine A
  2. Use mysql client to connect from B to A. eg mysql -u user -pPASS --host=Host_Name --port=3306 (substitute whatever port you are connecting to the master on)
  • @AbdulManaf - Can this be done if I need to SSH to the server? And what about the situation when I want to initiate a mysqldump and restore from my local machine -> from server A to server B. I have SSH for both the servers. Adding -i /path/to/private/key is not working for me somehow. Oct 29, 2015 at 9:44

This is for taking a dump of a specific table

mysqldump -h 'hostname' -vv -u'user' -p'password' database_name table_name | gzip > table_name.sql.gz

if you use --host MachineA as parameters of mysqldump should work


I put it like this and it works perfectly

mysqldump -P 7999 -h '' -vv -u'user' -p'password' base_dados | gzip > base_dados.sql.gz

  • It would improve this immensely if you added in some explanation of how it addresses the original question. Nov 15, 2019 at 0:29

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