I need to have some how 2 identity columns in one table. One that is normal identity and another one that will reset yearly.

I have done the reset part with the help of DBCC CHECKIDENT ('TestTable', RESEED, 0) in the insert procedure.

But I don't know how to have a normal identity besides this one. Solution may be using two tables but I prefer to have both of them in a single table.


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It looks like the comments may have answered this for you, but so there's an actual answer:

You cannot have two columns in one table that both have an IDENTITY(n,m) specification.

The most sensible approach for your requirement is probably:

  • your normal always-incrementing identity column should have the IDENTITY specification
  • use a SEQUENCE (see here for reference documentation and here for more general guidance) to control the other column that should reset each year.

You can restart a sequence on demand using

ALTER SEQUENCE <sequence_name> RESTART WITH <new_start_value>;

This command could be issued in a number of ways, for example from a job scheduled to run yearly on your desired reset date.

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