My Scenario is given below...i want to configure transactional replication with alwayson and i know this is possible but my question is "I have two publisher sql server(SQL01_REPLICATION) is running on 32 bit operating system and one subscriber(64 bit) which is work as a primary for alwaysOn".so this is possible or not ?

  1. SQL01_REPLICATION(32 bit os) as a PUBLISHER(sql server 2014 and window server 2008(32bit)).
  2. SQL02_REPLICATION(32 bit os) as a PUBLISHER(sql server 2014 and window server 2008(32bit))..
  3. SQL03_AG(64 bit os) as a PRIMARY REPLICA FOR AG AND SUBSCRIBER FOR REPLICATION(sql server 2014 and window server 2012(64bit))..
  4. SQL04_AG(64 bit os) as a SECONDARY REPLICA FOR AG(sql server 2014 and window server 2012(64bit))..

According to above description of my existing server...i have a two publisher with 32 bit OS for replication and two server with 64 bit OS for AlwayOn Availability group. my question is according to above description can i implement transactional replication with AlwaysOn.

Please advise me which technology is suitable for my current scenario.

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Yes it can be done like normal.

32/64 bit can replicate to each other (you wouldn't think so but they do and Microsoft has documented it on MSDN).

Also you can have an AG as a subscriber but you must use the name of the listener when setting it up. There's an MSDN article for this as well.


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