Is there a list what datatype corresponds to the system_type_id in Sys.columns. I am looking for an easy way to examine the columns we have in the database and i would like to avoid the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS.


Yes you can look in sys.types for such a list or use the type_name function to look up an individual type_id.

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    Definitely easier than my post. But not quite as fun :) Thank you though. – James Rhoat Apr 26 '16 at 22:17

system_type_id is not unique in sys.types because user types can reuse system type. To get a list of unique system types, you can select rows where system_type_id = user_type_id. They equal only for system types.

SELECT system_type_id, name
FROM sys.types
WHERE system_type_id = user_type_id

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