When querying from certain tables, I'll often receive the error:

character with byte sequence 0xef 0xbf 0xbd in encoding "UTF8" has no equivalent in encoding "WIN1252"

Varying bytes, but you get the idea. I can solve this by doing:

set client_encoding to 'UTF8';

But the (very) annoying thing is, I have to do this client_encoding set every. Single. Time. I open postgres. How do I set this to default?

Also, I am not asking how to change the encoding of a table's data, or of databases I create from now on--that's a different issue.

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You can also set it as a default for any user or role (takes effect after a new connection is established):

ALTER ROLE <rolename> SET client_encoding = 'UTF8';

You can either set the environment variable PGCLIENTENCODING in the operating system or include the set command in .psqlrc if you only need it for psql

  • I actually already have "SET client_encoding = 'UTF8'; " in my psqlrc.conf file, which is located where that doc specifies. Must have come from my trying to fix this problem originally... but I'm still seeing it.
    – Alkanshel
    Commented Apr 28, 2016 at 22:23

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