I've already prevented user to see any database (deny view any database to [login]) and it works.

But how to prevent user to list any other database using DB_NAME()?

  • Which RDBMS are you using? SQL Server? – James Anderson Apr 28 '16 at 9:16

DB_NAME does not work as advertised before SQL Server 2016 (where the behaviour of DB_ID is also changed). For details, see:

Information disclosure with the db_name and db_id function (Connect bug report)

There is a similar situation with other metadata functions, including:

  • suser_name
  • suser_sname
  • suser_sid
  • user_id
  • database_principal_id
  • is_rolemember
  • is_srvrolemember

These issues remain unresolved (either by design, or by being 'fixed') as of the time this answer was written, as far as I know.

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