I have a Windows 2012R2 cluster with two nodes and a File Share quorum. I am running SQL 2012 SP2 and I have configured a test AG with a dummy database.

When I fail-over the AG, the Availability Group Listener and the associated Availability Group Role fail-over as expected, but the Cluster Core Resources, specifically the Cluster Virtual Network Name, does not. In order to move the Cluster VNN I need to right-click on the cluster, go to more actions and select "Move Core Cluster Resources", but shouldn't this be occurring automatically?

I think I need to specify a dependency somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot find where.


There is no reason to move the cluster core resources. They are NOT part of the availability group and function entirely on their own. There is no need to even have these on the same server as any of your AG resources.

The core cluster group provides the administrative point for the cluster which is completely independent from any other resources on the cluster. Leave it migrate on its' own.

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