WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(EMAIL,'[A-Z0-9._%-]{1,10}@[a-z0-9._%-]{1,5}\.[net|com]','i');

I know this is not practical or make a ton of sense, but its a constraint I'm working with: email address with upto 10 characters prior to @ followed by upto 5 characters, then a '.' and finally the .net or .com extension. This works for the most part except the 1-10 constraint on the first half does not appear to do what I'd like. It pulls in pretty much any number characters prior to the '@'. For example it should accept jreed but not jodywilliamreed as the later is more than 10 characters. Anyone see what I've done here that would cause this problem? edit: I'm using sql developer with oracle


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Try adding the ^ character to your regex, which means to match the position at the beginning of the string, like this

  • I had tried that, but was using it comjunction with the $ at the end of the string. This wasn't working for me. However, just the carat^ at the beginning does solve the problem! Thank you Garett.
    – jreed72
    Feb 23, 2012 at 15:49

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