In SQL Server on the database engine, you can run a SQL query like this to get the server's version info like Edition and Version, and Update Level, etc.


What is the MDX equivalent for querying an SSAS (Tabular or Multidimensional) instance? Are there SSAS DMVs that can get me this answer?

I browsed the Books Online page for SSAS DMVs, but I didn't notice any DMVs that could help me. DISCOVER_INSTANCES didn't seem to have the info.

Let's assume that SQL Server Database Engine is not installed on this same server as the SSAS instance, so I cannot check this by querying the database engine.

In my case, this is for a SQL 2012 Tabular instance, but would like to know how to query Multidimensional instance too.

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The easiest way is :

using SSMS -- connect to instance --> reports -> standard reports --> General

enter image description here

enter image description here

There are other ways as well - How to find Analysis Services Server Version ?.


You can do that via PowerShell for a list of servers:

$list = 'server1','server2'

$loadInfo = [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.AnalysisServices")
if($ssas){Clear-Variable -Name ssas -scope local}
$list | %{
         $target = $_
         $server = New-Object Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server
             $ssas +=  @($server | Select-Object @{l="ServerName";e={$target}}, Name, Edition, Version, ServerMode,DefaultCompatibilityLevel,CreatedTimestamp,LastSchemaUpdate)
              Write-Host "A connection to $target host cannot be made."
              Write-Host $_
$ssas | FL *

enter image description here

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