I created a database (IaaS) from Azure marketplace (Windows server 2012 + SQL Server Web 2014). I Selected automatic backups to blob storage. Now I'm trying to do a test restore operation.

I imported my storage account to Management Studio (on VM). By right-clicking on bak file in blob and than going for Import Data-tier Application i started a wizard:

enter image description here

Having followed the wizard, I chose the proper destinations for DATA and LOGS (the same directory where other databases are).

The wizard finished with an error:

enter image description here

Error said:

The range specified is invalid for the current size of the resource. (Microsoft.SqlServer.StorageClient) The remote server returned an error: (416) The range specified is invalid for the current size of the resource.. (System)

I also tried a different approach:

I created an empty test database and tried to execute a Resore task on it. I chose Device and than URL for source. It allowed me to automatically connect to my Azure Storage account and select a bak file from blob.

As soon as I selected the bak file I got an error message:

enter image description here

Please note that all of the bak files have 0 Bytes size (first screen). This may have to do something with the failure.

All of the tasks I was performing form Management Studio installed automatically on the VM. Blob storage and SQL Server all came in a package form Azure marketplace.

I'm using SQL Server 2014 Web edition.

What am I doing wrong? How can I restore the database?

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