I need to duplicate the existing database including its schema and structure to another new database. I need this in shell command environment and not in pgadmin. Please kindly help me.

nohup pg_dump exampledb > example-01.sql
createdb -O postgres exampledbclone_01

my user is "postgres"

nohup psql exampledbclone_01 < example-01.sql
$ pg_dump mydb > db.sql
$ psql -d newdb -f db.sql

If you want to duplicate it within the same PostgreSQL install and you don't have actively connected users there's a handy shortcut:

CREATE DATABASE my_new_database TEMPLATE my_old_database;

or from the shell

createdb -T my_old_database my_new_database;

Otherwise you'll need to use pg_dump, createdb and pg_restore, e.g.

pg_dump -Fc -f olddb.pgdump -d olddb &&\
createdb newdb &&\
pg_restore -d newdb olddb.pgdump

If you're using nohup so the command doesn't die if you lose your ssh session, consider using screen instead.

  • Awesome CREATE DATABASE my_new_database TEMPLATE my_old_database; – anjaneyulubatta505 Apr 11 '19 at 5:40
  • Brilliant! It not just copy structure, but also data! – Foton Jan 9 at 8:25
  • @Foton Yep, though you can use pg_dump and pg_restore if you want to be more selective and dump (say) just the structure. – Craig Ringer Jan 13 at 2:23

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