I am attempting to use MySQL's fulltext search using Boolean match on multiple columns, with multiple search phrases. I cannot understand the score returned though. The score returned is typically an integer, but occasionally returns a float, particularly when using optional statements. The table in question is MyISAM.


SELECT *, MATCH(columna,columnb,columnc) 
AGAINST('+"exact phrase" +definitely -negative this that) as score 
FROM table 
WHERE MATCH(columna,columnb,columnc) 
AGAINST('+"exact phrase" +definitely -negative maybe) >= score

In the above statement I'm searching for exact phrase, definitely, not negative, and this or that.

When performing the query we get a varying score depending on the number of search terms used and the operator(and,or,not) being used for each item.

  • Do not trust the values of MATCH. They are only generally relevant. – Rick James May 8 '16 at 6:24

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