When connected to oracle database through rman directly from the terminal, everything works fine, but when the same connection string is executed through a shell script rman connects to the database in a no mount state, not sure why, using oralce 11g, oracle Linux, and the connection string is :

rman target / catalog (userName)/(password)@//(IPADDRESS):(PORT)/SYNDEV

Kris Johnston said in a comment:

nomount/mount/open are the states of the database... something can't connect to the db one way and connect as nomount, and connect to the same db a different way and connect as mount or open. It doesn't work like that. It sounds like you are connecting to a different database altogether. To check, verify the dbid's are the same/different when you connect via RMAN. Also, instead of connecting to rman, connect to sqlplus using your various connection methods, then check: select status from v$instance; select dbid from v$database; (have to bring the db into mount state to query v$database).

Issue has been fixed. Kris, your explanation actually made sense, I am not sure why, but there were multiple Oracle instances running in top for the same database, so I had to kill all those and use the same SID strings in the scripts, with the exact case, and everything worked fine.

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To connect to RMAN from the operating system command line and hide authentication information, you must first start RMAN and then perform either of the following actions:

  1. Run the CONNECT commands at the RMAN prompt. ...
  2. Run a command file at the RMAN prompt that contains the connection information.
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