I have installed mysql 5.7, and from time to time (once per several days) it looks for updates (as I understand). Console window opens for several seconds, and then dissappear. It doesn't care, that I'm watching a movie in this time, and this console is on the top of my player. It's really annoying, why MySql is updating in this user unfriendly way? Can I configure it to do it silently?


I may be running a more recent version of MySQL, but what I had to do to disable this was:

  • Run the MySQL Installer (located at C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Installer for Windows)
  • Click the wrench icon
  • Un-check the box to check for updates
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In the System Tray - click on the Dolhin icon:

Dolphin icon

Actions -> Options -> Untick "Automatically check for updates every x weeks".

I'm giving this a +1 because I also found it annoying and your question prompted me to investigate.

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  • In what application should I use these instructions? – chrips Aug 27 '17 at 15:01

Make sure MySQL Notifier is running. Taskbar -> System Tray -> MySQL Notifier, Select Actions -> Options Uncheck the "Automatically check for updates every x weeks".

This may limit the security or functionality of your installation.

enter image description here

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Best is to hide the console only, and let it do what it's meant to do in the background.

Go to 'Task scheduler' > expand 'Task scheduler library' > 'MySQL' > 'Installer' > 'Manifest Update' > right-click 'Properties' > choose 'Run whether user is logged on or not' > check 'Do not store password...'

That should do it.

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