I would like to generate a diff file based on the database vs DACPAC comparison. Currently what I am doing is extracting DACPAC from the target database and trying to create a diff file based on that (I am not sure if the DACPAC extraction is the needed step). Everything is OK until the moment when I am trying to use the same config I am using for publishing (to make sure that I am generating the script with the same configuration as I am publishing) using the following command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DAC\bin\sqlpackage.exe"  
/a:Script /sf:F:\tmp\o.dacpac /tf:F:\tmp\n.dacpac /tdn:ScreenerDb  
/p:SqlPublishProfilePath="F:\TMap\Root\Application\Dev\Database\Financials.SQL\Financials.SQL\Publish Configs\Financials.SQL_Dev.publish.xml"

I am getting the following error:

'SqlPublishProfilePath' is not a valid argument for the 'Script' action.

To be fair, I am just trying to achieve following:

  • Create a diff file based on the DB DACPAC and the real database using the same configuration as for publishing.

How can I achieve this?


Per the documentation, use /Profile instead of /p:SqlPublishProfilePath:

Parameter: /Profile
Specifies the file path to a DAC Publish Profile. The profile defines a collection of properties and variables to use when generating outputs

So this should work:

/Profile: "F:\TMap\Root\Application\Dev\Database\Financials.SQL\Financials.SQL\Publish Configs\Financials.SQL_Dev.publish.xml"

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