I am having a hard time creating a pub/sub database schema with stateful metrics.

Saying it aloud it sounds easy enough:

"There are many organizations that will subscribe to checklists that are derived from guiding documents for ALL org's. The org's will maintain their own answers for the checklists (T/F), not all org's will need to answer all checklist items. When an author changes a checklist item, the org's should be notified."

What I have thus far: enter image description here ERR.mwb

The desired result would be the following:
Organization #42

  • Department
    • Checklist ABC Metrics = 8/10
      • Item Metric = True
      • Item n...
    • Checklist n...
  • Department n...

What I am looking for:

  1. Is this architecture close to what I "say" I am looking for?
  2. Do pub/sub schemas require many "bridged" tables, as I'ved used?
  3. I know updated and created dates would be necessary too but, how do you maintain the state of each department and there answers (Yes/No, True/False) to all of these items within all of the checklists?
  4. Is this a Key->Value, Document-Store, Relational, polyglot solution or etc... at its core?
  5. I would like to receive any high-level or detailed schemas, links to resources/articles.

Thank you.


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