Using MySQL Workbench latest version (6.3) I've set up an Amazon EC2 connection successfully. Every time I open the connection, I've noticed all queries I did before are being opened, even if I closed them using right click -> "Close All" option. These queries have dynamic names like {0303FFF4-FB6D-4EF3-A9EC-2...

I don't want these queries to remain stored, as most of the time they're just temporary queries I need for some quick data gathering.

Can somebody please help me with these? What do I need to do?

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I thought this was some kind of auto-save feature from Amazon EC2 instance or some kind of bug, but nope my bad. I found bug report and at the bottom of the page this is the answer:

Andres Giordano: This is not a bug!!! You have to go to Edit --> Preferences --> General --> SQL Editor (panel) and uncheck "Save snapshot of open editor...."

That's the correct answer. Once this option is disabled, no more queries are stored and re open. I hope this tip is useful for somebody. Greetings!

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