I have PostgreSQL 9.4.7 installed in LXC container on Ubuntu 14.04. For monitoring purposes, i try to execute this from my host machine: psql -qAtX -h *** -p *** -U postgres -c "select count(*) from pg_buffercache where isdirty", so I am expecting to get a pure decimal value for parsing. However, I get relation "pg_buffercache" does not exist error. I have already added pg_buffercache extension (CREATE EXTENSION pg_buffercache;), restarted server afterwards and checked if it is present:

postgres=# \dx
pg_buffercache | 1.0    | public     | examine the shared buffer cache

The strangest thing is, if i execute this query directly in postgresql shell, it works just fine:

postgres=# select count(*) from pg_buffercache where isdirty;

What can cause this? Other queries not using pg_buffercache work perfectly.

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    Perhaps your psql -qAtX command is not actually connecting to the "postgres" database (or other database where you have pg_buffercache insatlled). One way this might happen is if you had env. variable PGDATABASE defined. Can you try adding a database (e.g. -d postgres) to your psql command? Commented Jun 3, 2016 at 15:41
  • You are right. I was obviously missing the database name. Should put more research into this. Thanks! Commented Jun 3, 2016 at 16:10

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You need to first connect to the database that you need to check the stats from, and in that do the create extension, after which the query should work ;)

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