I have a multi-tenant application where the Postgres DB schemas are set up as follows:

  • _admin (tables that are invisible in the UI to standard users but need to be read-accessible, common across all tenants)
  • _master (table defs only, no keys or other constraints)
    • customer (columns...) CHECK false NO INHERIT
    • etc (columns...) CHECK false NO INHERIT
  • acme (primary tenant-specific schema for tenant "acme")
    • customer INHERITS _master.customer
  • acme_oms (order mgmt schema for tenant "acme")
    • etc INHERITS _master.etc
  • acme_xx (where xx is another schema for tenant "acme")
  • widgets_inc (primary tenant-specific)
  • widgets_inc_oms (etc)

The _master schema contains all table definitions that will be inherited in the tenant-specific schemas. This works well. I can place CHECK false NO INHERIT on all these table definitions to ensure that nothing is ever inserted into them.

I'd like to set up the roles this way:

  • db_admin superuser (has access to everything including schema modification and replication)
  • db_acme (has transparent read access to _admin, read-write access to everything in all schemas starting with "acme", but no schema modification privileges, no access at all to other tenant schemas)
  • db_widgets_inc (etc...)

Two questions:

  1. What would the CREATE ROLE code look like for the tenant-specific users?
  2. Would restricting read access to the _master tables still allow the tenant-specific users to access the data in their own schema tables?

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