I am currently interning and one of my tasks is to design a relational database model for a wedding firm that plans and handles weddings.

There is a user log in, and the users will be bride, groom, vendors and guests. I am not exactly sure how I should architect the database as it is the first time I am making one.

USER (user_id, username, password, bride_id, vendor_id, guest_id) 

BRIDE (bride_id, bride_fname, bride_lname) 

VENDOR (vendor_id, vendor_fname_lname) 

GUEST (guest_id, guest_fname, guest_lname)

This is a somewhat version of the schema I was designing, but I am unsure how I can have everything on the USER table instead of repeating fname, and other redundancies. Also, the reason I have not put everything in the USER table is because I am not sure how it would work out. Can someone please explain this to me?


this needs a lot more information
they are going to have registry, church, and a LOT of other stuff

you need to read a book on database design or do some tutorials as your design is not very good

starts with weddings plural
they are not going go want a separate database for each wedding

if everyone needs to logon then you need one table for that

brideID   FK to user
groomID   FK to user
vendorID  FK to user

if you can have multiple vendors then need a separate table

weddingID  PK  FK to weddingID
usrID      PK
fname  (vendor just does not have fname) 

if they are not brideID, groomID or vendorID then they are a guest

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