I have set up SSRS on MS SQL 2014 Dev Edition using the ReportServer built in account as the Service Account.

My machine name is: POUYASAGER
My local login is pyous
I have given the ReportServer account full permissions to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS12.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services

I have checked that SecureConnectionLevel is set to 0 in the rsreportserver.config file.

I set up ReportServer as the virtual directory so that the Report Server Web Service URLs would be: http://POUYASAGER:80/ReportServer

When I click on the link in the Reporting Services Configuration Manager which is the same as above, I get:

The permissions granted to user 'POUYASAGER\pyous' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)

When I navigate to:, an authentication pop-up asks for a username and password.

When I navigate to the reports manager using: http://pouyasager:80/Reports, I get:
Unable to connect to the remote server

How can I get SSRS working properly?

EDIT: I added "localhost" to the host headers and still got the same error.
EDIT: Using Chrome with Admin permissions, I navigate to http://localhost:80/ReportServer with the same results.


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Adding the account you are logging in on your OS will allow for you to connect to SSRS. You are provided with a 403 error message directly related to an access denied. The type of access being denied here is at the database level, mainly for the Reportserver$ database. Your OS login is unable to personify NT SERVICE since it does not have a login on the server and guest account being probably disabled.

Additionally, verify the following: 'C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\V2.0.050727\Temporary ASP.NET Files'. (or where ever your .NET framework is installed on your machine)

Right click on the "Temporary ASP.NET Files" and select properties->secutity.

See if the "NETWORK SERVICE" is already part of the "User/Group" section. If not add it by typing "Network Service". If it's already there then grant the write permissions.

  • Yes. This is a big annoyance I have run into after a new SSRS install as well. Apparently, the only way to access the security settings after a new install is as a local admin. Don't just add the account locally, grant local administrator to it as well. Once you are a local admin, you should be able to launch into the app, add other users and then if you want, remove the local admin privileges. Commented Oct 28, 2016 at 20:38

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