|date(varchar) |
|2016-02-16    |
| -------------|
|03-12-2015    |
|07-07-2007    |
|2016-03-14    |

Dates are stored in different formats and type is varchar. How to change all formats with single query in MySQL?

The formats are d/m/y, d-m-y, and y/m/d.

I need to copy these to a new column in date format y-m-d


Create the new column as type DATE.

Then run 3 queries, one for each conversion needed. Sure, they could be combined into a single query, but why bother; it just makes it more complex and likely to break.

And finally drop the old column and rename the new on into place?

The queries would be something like:

UPDATE tbl SET new_date = STR_TO_DATE(date,'%d-%m-%Y') WHERE substring(date,3,1) = '-';
UPDATE tbl SET new_date = STR_TO_DATE(date,'%d/%m/%Y') WHERE substring(date,3,1) = '/';
UPDATE tbl SET new_date = STR_TO_DATE(date,'%Y/%m/%d') WHERE substring(date,5,1) = '-';

Then do a SELECT to see if any rows still have a DEFAULT value for new_date;

  • can you please share the queries for conversion.Thanks Jul 4 '16 at 5:50
  • added some suggested SQL
    – Rick James
    Jul 4 '16 at 17:26

I do understand You are trying to convert to some date/time data type. All You need then is CASE expression in Your query.

This should work then - assuming that those 3 variants are the only ones occurring, and that there are no additional leading or trailing whitespace characters.

Improving this case expression to include other variants should be rather easy though:

CASE date
    WHEN substring(date,3,1) = '-' THEN STR_TO_DATE (date,'%d-%m-%Y')
    WHEN substring(date,3,1) = '/' THEN STR_TO_DATE (date,'%d/%m/%Y')
ELSE STR_TO_DATE (date,'%Y/%m/%d') END

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