I have PostgreSQL version 9.5 installed at my machine (Windows 7 Enterprise x64 bit version). I have several databases in schema 'public'. I would like to use/access one of these databases from another machine (Windows 7) using LAN connectivity (so that this database may act as a shared database between two machines). I was wondering whether is it possible to do through "listen_addresses" option in postgresql.conf dialogue window? If not, is there any alternative way to do this?


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Read the article Configuring PostgreSQL to Accept Connections From Computers on Your Network where it is explained with screen shots.


Yes, two things that need to happen:

  1. Your database must be listening on a port and ip to external connections. For this you need to modify postgresql.conf, you may choose to use the new-ish method of ALTER SYSTEM to do that.
  2. Your database must be properly configured to authenticate someone coming in externally. To do this you must add a host or preferably hostssl entry in pg_hba.conf for that ip/port.

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