I've trying to get the password hash for a SQL authentication login via powershell.

The code I'm executing is something like this

Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "SELECT LOGINPROPERTY('$LoginName', 'PASSWORDHASH') as PasswordHash"  -ServerInstance $SourceInstance

This works in that the query executes fine but the output I get is


{2, 0, 87, 116...}

I'm guessing (probably incorrectly) that this is due to it returning a varbinary, has anyone experienced this and/or fixed it before?

On a side note I'm pretty sure that a script I have which configures tempdb gets similar output. I'd like to understand not just how to fix it but why it happens too :)

Cheers Mat

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For SQL 2005+

Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "SELECT sys.fn_varbintohexstr(CONVERT(VARBINARY(MAX), LOGINPROPERTY('$LoginName', 'PASSWORDHASH'))) as PasswordHash"  -ServerInstance $SourceInstance

You can't use this for everything as it has length limitations, but for this purpose it will be fine.

  • Thanks Cody, that worked well and now outputs correctly.
    – Mat
    Commented Jun 30, 2016 at 12:31

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