What's the query to set a login user as db_owner during the creation of database. Following is the set of queries, which I'm using right now,

Create database Test1;

This servers my purpose, but here I have firstly created a database with default db_owner and then altered it. I need a query which will select [DEVELOPMENT\d-testuser] as my database owner during the creation of database itself.

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You could set the owner of model database as [DEVELOPMENT\d-testuser] and then any new databases that are created will automatically be owned by [DEVELOPMENT\d-testuser].

I normally tend to set the database owner to sa. Our applications are not using (should never use) sa :-) so there is no harm in setting the db owner to sa.

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There seems to be no way of accomplishing this in one statement. You have to use alter authorization afterwards.

The two tricky ways I can think of are:
You can set the Model database's owner to [DEVELOPMENT\d-testuser].
Or, Log in with the login you want database owner to be.

The owner is the user that creates the database. The database owner can be changed by using sp_changedbowner.


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  • sp_changedbowner is announced deprecated. Alter Authorization .. is the way to go. – Kin Shah Jun 30 '16 at 18:11
  • I was quoting msdn as is. Thanks for pointing out though.. – GaganLamba Jul 1 '16 at 20:45

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