I have installed the standard PostgreSQL 9.5 from Enterprise DB with a domain-level postgres user who has domain-level admin group membership. I have explicitly added full permissions for this user to the D: drive of my Windows Server 2012 machine and explicitly granted full permissions on several root and subfolders on the same drive.

However, no matter what I try, I cannot get the command line version of psql to recognize any permissions for this user. And it seems to be exclusively about the psql command environment.

For example, this fails:

\o 'd:/database/tiger'


permissions denied

even though I am logged in as the postgres domain admin user who owns the database and whose account is the service account for PostgreSQL.

If I simply type psql into a command prompt (either with or without selecting Run as administrator), I am prompted for a password, but the correct password for the domain postgres account is not recognized.

Is it possible that the PostgreSQL installation created a 'local' postgres account (and that is the one psql is expecting or running under)?

I can find no local accounts on the machine at all and all access to the local accounts admin tools is denied.

psql exhibits this behavior whether I start it from a normal windows command line dialog, or from the pgAdmin3 Plugins menu item.

Who is this guy that psql is expecting?

  • Try creating a user who is not Admin on the machine in question. IIRC (form Linux) that PostgreSQL doesn't like root users accessing the database and/or installing - can't recall exactly, it's a long time since I tried, but you should be able to set up a non-Windows admin user as the admin user on the PostgreSQL server. – Vérace Jul 1 '16 at 0:29

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