We have 2 node SQL server failover cluster setup in our environment. Node2 SQL server machine got shut down. I turned it back on and connect back to the failover cluster. It successfuly connected however, node1 cluster service wont start even if I start it. Under the Network connections on the failover cluster the SQL ethernet is unavailable. I try to do IPconfig on node1 and I can only see the machine's IP address, in node2 I can see the Windows cluster IP and SQL cluster IP. I ran cluster validation report and this is the one that stood out:

Node SQL-01.ourserver.com is not reachable from node SQL-02.ourserver.com. It is necessary that each cluster node can communicate each other cluster node by a minimum of one network path (though multiple paths are recommended to avoid a single point of failure). Please verify that existing networks are configured properly or add additional networks. node2 also got that same error saying node2 is not reachable from node1. What can I do to start cluster service on node1 back on? I'm not sure if this information would be helpful, but after this windows and SQL cluster got created, we changed the name of the machinesenter image description here

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    we changed the name of the machines Instead of finding a needle in a haystack, destroy the cluster and recreate it with correct machine names. Would be much faster than troubleshooting. Assuming this is not live in PROD. – Kin Shah Jul 1 '16 at 13:57
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    You can fix the communications issue - it most likely isn't coming online because it can't contact any other nodes in the cluster and thus shuts itself down. Checking the cluster log by running the get-clusterlog powershell`` command right after attempting should show you the communications failure. Fix that first. – Sean Gallardy Jul 1 '16 at 16:41

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