I have 2 tables: Employees, attendanceIn enter image description here

When I query using LEFT JOIN

SELECT employees.eno,employees.name,employees.dept,attendanceIn.attIn FROM `employees` 
LEFT JOIN attendanceIn ON employees.eno = attendanceIn.eno
WHERE date(attIn) like '2016-07-02%'

What I got is,

Actual result

  • Whats wrong with my Query?
  • How do I get my Expected result?

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The WHERE date(attIn) like '2016-07-02%' is converting the LEFT join to an INNER join. The condition should be moved to the ON clause.


  • It's not good practise to use LIKE for dates comparison
  • Using functions on columns (like the date()) before comparing it makes indexes useless. It's better to make the condition sargable.

The query corrected:

SELECT e.eno, e.name, e.dept, a.attIn 
FROM employees AS e 
  LEFT JOIN attendanceIn AS a 
    ON  e.eno = a.eno
    AND a.attIn >= '2016-07-02'
    AND a.attIn  < '2016-07-03' ;

Tested at SQLfiddle.

  • I was facing the similar issue. The solution worked for me. But I didn't get the logic behind your statement that that particular condition in where clause is converting it from left to inner join
    – portgas
    Dec 7, 2021 at 14:32

Your LEFT JOIN delivers the missing attendanceIn fields as NULL. If you still want this result then you must add:

or attIn is NULL

at the end of your query. Now you will get the expected result.


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