So currently this is a common setup:

Client -> Ajax -> Server CRUD -> Database

Does Couchbase allow me to do this?

Client -> Ajax -> Database

This might be more technically correct:

Client -> Ajax REST -> Database

Does this mean that I could just have the client directly interacting with the database, therefore reducing the load on the server? Theoretically this would make scaling a website more cost efficient.

If so, has this method been increasing in popularity usage? If not, why? It seems like this is a huge advantage.

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I took a look at the REST API endpoint list on the Couchbase docs site.

I think it might be hypothetically possible. You could use the N1QL REST API to do inserts, selects, updates, and deletes.

I can't say for sure whether this is going to help scaling and load or not, but I do think you're going to have to address a number of other challenges: validation, authentication, authorization, business logic, and more.

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