I am implementing a sharded cluster in a Windows environment.

I first create the config server as follows:

C:\MongoDB\bin>mongod –configsvr –bind_ip –port 3000 –dbpath C:\Sharding\configServer

Then I try to connect to the mongos instance which is listening on port 3000:

enter image description here

The command I use to connect to the mongos instance is as follows:

C:\MongoDB\bin>mongos –configdb

My problem is that I cannot connect with the mongos instance as I get the below error. I cannot figure out what is this problem and how to solve it. I searched on the Internet however all suggestions that I found did not solve my problem and I'm literally stuck.

enter image description here

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provide a port option for your mongos instance, for example 27018

The error messages says: Only one usage of socket address is normally permitted for It looks like mongos instance is trying to bind to a port that is already ocuppied by another process (propably mongod)

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