We had a SQL server die due to some RAID problems. We sent the machine out to a data recovery company and they are able to recover the .MDF and .LDF files from the drives. Will I be able to use those files to restore the databases to a new machine? What do I need to watch out for? Thanks!

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    With the MDF (main data file) and LDF (log data file), you may be able to attach the database to a new server: see the MSDN manual page for a lot of info that you should read.
    – rutter
    Jul 14, 2016 at 14:17
  • after attach, take a backup at every step... and then define a backup strategy because raid is not a backup...
    – Paolo
    Jul 14, 2016 at 15:27

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Have u tried out the old way of creating empty database with same name. Stop sql server
Paste database at the same location ...
And restart the server ....
Does it helping u out .....
May be this article will give you more information.


unless they are not corrupted,You can use the files to restore databases.With out restoring you cant say about usability of those files..

If you are able to restore them with out any issues

1.First take backup of what you restored
2.Do a DBCC CHECKDB to check for any signs of data corruption

  • Thank you all for your advice! The issue has been resolved. Jul 21, 2016 at 22:01

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